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Caring for Your Dental Needs

If you’re looking for a Centennial dentist that can care for your teeth, Dr. Patricia Nicolosi has the tools to help.

At our dental office, we strive to treat patients with personalized care. We want you to feel comfortable during your appointment and enjoy the time you spend in the dreaded dentist’s chair. Dr. Patricia Nicolosi is passionate about providing patients with effective oral healthcare. We understand that people can feel some anxiety when going to the dentist, which is why our office has a relaxed, friendly environment. Our office has a wide range of services, including dental implants, veneers, fillings and teeth whitening. Whether you are looking for a general dentist or need to schedule your child’s first appointment, Dr. Nicolosi can care for your dental health. Let us help you pursue a brighter and healthier smile!

Many people neglect to schedule a visit to the dentist, waiting to go in until they have severe toothaches. While some may fear the machinery or needle injections, others simply don’t want to be bothered. Individuals ignore their obligation to their oral healthcare because it is less evident in their daily life. Statistics from the American Dental Association show that nearly 52% of middle-aged males have gingivitis. Females have a similar number, at 45%. They also show that nearly 30% of adults have untreated dental decay. Those numbers demonstrate just how poorly people treat their teeth and oral healthcare on a daily basis.

Adult Dentistry

Our teeth go through serious wear and tear over the years. In some cases, tooth decay or shifted structure can take away the beautiful smile you used to have. We can help restore your smile and oral healthcare through several treatment methods. Regular dental care is always a good start, but sometimes patients want more drastic results. We can perform root canal therapy or oral surgery when needed. If you no longer have enough teeth to enjoy eating or interacting, we can help you decide on your prosthodontics. We offer all these adult dentistry services, which will help you take care of any root decay, tooth loss, or structural issues.

Dental Care During Pregnancy

Our family dentistry specifically includes services for women during their pregnancy. We understand that your body will endure a surge of hormones, which can lead to gum irritation. Your body doesn’t react the same way to regular plaque buildup and may cause you more pain and frustration as a result. While pregnancy gingivitis is common, it can be prevented through regular care and proper oral hygiene. During your pregnancy, dental care might be the last thing on your mind, which is why we are here to remind you! Let us walk you through a plan to prevent oral health problems during your pregnancy.

Your Child’s Oral Healthcare

We offer our young patients professional and compassionate dental care. Dr. Nicolosi enjoys teaching children about proper oral hygiene, helping them to build better habits for the future. Our staff is committed to creating a warm and friendly atmosphere for all children, especially if it’s their very first visit. Our children’s dentistry services include regular checkups, tooth decay treatment and tooth extraction.

We have cosmetic services!

If you’re tired of hiding your smile because of discolored or missing teeth, talk to us about cosmetic dentistry! We have some of the following cosmetic services to improve your smile in a matter of moments:

  • Veneers
  • Dental Implants
  • Crowns
  • Fillings
  • Bridges

If you want teeth whitening services, Dr. Nicolosi offers laser treatment or at-home bleaching kits. For missing teeth, we can use bridges to restore your smile and oral healthcare. We have many treatment options for patients who need cosmetic services, general dentistry or children’s dental care.

Contact us today at (720) 488-1388 to schedule your oral healthcare treatments with Dr. Nicolosi.

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